-Papa! what's money?
-What is money, Paul? Money?
-Yes, what is money?
-Gold, and silver, and copper. Guineas, shillings, half-pence. You know what they are?
-Oh yes, I know what they are. I don't mean that, Papa. I mean what's money after all?
Little Paul Dombey, Dombey and Son, by Charles Dickens (1848)


In the library visitors can find old and out-of-print books, newspaper articles, pamphlets, bank balance sheets, government gazette publications and various other items.

These are public domain, either due to the type of publication (e.g. laws published in the government gazette, balance sheets published in the press, etc) or due to the expiration of the copyright protection (e.g. the author has died more than 70 years ago).

I have found these materials of great usefulness in conducting research and I publish them for the benefit of other researchers like me.

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