You may have all the money, Raymond, but I have all the men with guns.Vice President Francis Underwood, House of cards, (2013)

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Title Author(s) Place of publication Year of current/first publication Publisher Type of publication
A history of money in ancient countries from the earliest times to the present Del Mar, Alexander London 1885/1885 George Bell and sons Book
A history of the precious metals: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day Del Mar, Alexander London 1880/1880 George Bell and sons Book
Assignats and mandats: a true history Dillaye, Stephen D. Philadelphia 1877/1877 Henry Carey Baird & Co Book
Bank of Greece Articles of Association - 1st edition - 1928 Bank of Greece Athens 1928/1928 Articles of association
Der Euro: Chance für die Deutsche Industrie Industrieforums EWU Köln 1996/1996 Report
Draft bill for the institution of a state note issuing bank in Greece (1848) Kleomenis Oikonomou Athens 1848/1848 Greek parliament Parliamentary proceedings
Governor report on the balance sheet of 31st December 1928 Bank of Greece Athens 1929/1929 Annual balance sheet
Greek Parliament Minutes - Maastricht Treaty ratification Greek Parliament Athens 1992/1992 Parliamentary proceedings
History of monetary systems Del Mar, Alexander London 1895/1895 Effingham Wilson Book
Ionian Bank Ltd yearly statements 1868-1883 Ionian Bank Ltd Athens 2014/2014 Ionian Bank Ltd Yearly statement